The Story Behind the Breakthrough

Oral Defense® is the result of over a decade of research and development by an esteemed scientific team. In working with patients living with AIDS, cancer and other diseases marked by a compromised immune system, the team noted the dangers of bacteria in the mouth.

One of the reasons Oral Defense® is so successful is its power against the dangers of bacteria in the mouth. The Oral Defense® system kills the bad bacteria on restorative materials and on the tooth structure in the mouth, leaving the good bacterial flora in the mouth alone. This allows for a perfect bacterial environment in the mouth; protection that lasts 24 hours.

Another goal was to develop a toothpaste and rinse that was so gentle it did not irritate the already sensitive gums of these patients. These products had to taste good so these patients would use it on a regular basis.

The team thus strove to develop a formula that would be:

  • Extremely aggressive to oral bacteria
  • Gentle to these patients’ sensitive oral tissue
  • Pleasant-tasting and non-burning for optimum compliance
  • Kills the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacterial flora
  • For several years, the team researched and tested new ingredients. But it wasn’t until three never-before-combined substances were introduced. The breakthrough was born, yielding a formula that delivers on all four goals!

The Oral Defense® formula is patent-pending protected, non-duplicable and the formula is unavailable anywhere else!